Welcome to Grandview Animal Hospital! When you walk in the door, we want you to feel right at home. Relax with your pets in our rocking chairs by the fireplace!

This exam room is ready for your cat!

Please, have a seat in Exam Room 2 with your pet.

Exam Room 3 is equipped for our large breed patients with an adjustable scale.

Dr. Robbins offers 20+ years of surgical experience in veterinary medicine. EKG and Pulse Oximetry help him to monitor your pets condition and safety while under anesthesia.

Patients are able to rest comfortably while being monitored in our quiet Recovery Ward.

Feline patients enjoy a quiet ward with window views.

Our large, open workspace gives us ample room to best care for your pets.

In-house laboratory allows us to run comprehensive blood chemistry panels and various other diagnostic tests.

Our in-house pharmacy allows us to quickly fill your pets prescriptions at the time of your visit.

Digital radiology equipment produces high-quality images for easy viewing.

Our kennel reception area (located at our lower level) is ready to welcome you and your pet.

Our Canine Kennel offers 20 runs ranging in size from 3x7, 4x7, and 5x7.

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